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water soup

water soup is a publishing house somewhere in wisconsin, usa. water soup focuses on publishing literary works of young people in both a print and digital format. multiple collections of work are published irreguarly (yet also regularly) throughout the year. our irregular pubishing schedule is a result of having almost no resources, patience is key when dealing with us, we are very sorry in advance.

while we may have an irregular schedule we are proud to be able to print high quality books and give young writers the exposure they deserve. our journal tends to be very diverse ranging in the past with writers from hawaii to maine we have managed to produce what some have called, "extremely spooky but in a good non scary sort of way." most people who've read our journal just use words like "wow" and "so good, not fair" to describe it.

if you're interested in submitting or just want more information please visit our submission page, we encourage everyone to submit. you may also view a free digital version of our journal in the 'published books' section of our website.

thank you for taking the first step in joining water soups extremely excellent writing family,

water soup editors

questions??? email watersouppress@gmail.com with any Qs.