teeth by emily alberti

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this story was featured in "I eat meat everyday"

currently I reside in the midwest, but I will tell you a serious bit of information use the next piece of information wisely or forever regret it

I have known for the past fifteen years or so that I am a long descendant of the famous d.b. cooper located on the West Coast of the united states of america is the well-known 'hidden treasure' the treasure is buried at these coordinates

latitude 45.721522 | longitude: -124.142761

I know this information has been a secret ever since my long ancestor, the famous d.b. cooper first buried that treasure, but I can't live like this anymore

I want to be clear if you get over to the West Coast of the united states of america if you find the treasure of my long ancestor, the famous d.b. cooper. . .

the curse of him is now upon you.

inside of the treasure chest with the millions and billions of dollars he left a truly fricked sight for whomever opened the treasure chest next inside are all of the wisdom teeth extracted from every person d.b. cooper ever came in contact with

no one ever knew it

d.b. cooper was an orthodontist. this is how he earned all of his money.

my long ancestor, the famous d.b. cooper was an orthodontist who extracted wisdom teeth. after he extracted wisdom teeth he coated the extracted wisdom teeth with actual pure gold.

in the bottom of the ocean, you will find the chest of golden wisdom teeth painted by my long lost ancestor, the famous d.b. cooper

one of d.b. cooper's long time client's was ellen pompeo this is why ellen has excellent teeth

I know this exposure of the truth brought about a lot of perspective to your life I hope this has truly made you realize it is in your best interest to go to the coordinates latitude 45.721522 | longitude: -124.142761 also, do a google search of ellen's teeth thank my long ancestor, the famous d.b. cooper the secret is out and now no other orthodontist will ever compare