poetry by audrey mcmillion

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this poem is featured in "water soup #3"

Absurdity's Finest Hour

Right and left to me will always mash together as my hand in yours

My tongue can only form nonsense and

The bullet holes in my skull are only good for tears


How I wish I had the ever so lovely ability to string words together

One by one; cranberries and popcorn tangled in evergreen

Like a common idiot I lay lame and mute

Even before the presence of your black hole

So black indeed

I desire an absent tongue

Perhaps the blood that will pour from my mouth will finally form words

Meraa dil pooree tarah tumhaaare ooper fidaa hai*

I command my hair to develop into dark oak

Not one soul has ever taken gold seriously

I must rid of it myself, the weed

I will dye my flesh maple

And my piercing eyes will be made chestnut

Why impersonate that of what I am not?

For I am nothing but an orb of soulless dust

Whose pores flood such vile, inelegant rubbish

Whereas he holds the beauty of what can only be described as that of an unceasing flame


*My heart is completely charmed by you (Hindi)

Kill for Peace

Maul and Rape and Burn

"Oh—it’s all for love my dear."

As this decrees a sense of reason

For inflicting evil, foul harm

Against a so delicate feather as yourself

"Yes, we must slaughter those men over there."

We mutter while drowning in glistening jewels

All that we desire is Peace! And Freedom!

But do mind, my lovely

Only these for those who willingly murder

And as for those who lay carnations in each bullet arm

They are simply begging for an iron cork in the chest

Do be aware that crimson rain will shed in streams

Only to become one with Earth again

What souls whom bid their adieus in compassion will be forgotten Oh, and do remember me, my friend

For I firmly held this gun against your skull

And I dared not blink before watching you shrivel

"For Peace, For Love, For Freedom!"

To this tune we will forever march on, and on, and on again.

La Luna es entus ojos

Milk and coffee were my favorite evening liquor

Y'know dear, caffeine deprives the bones

Does your warmth strengthen or melt them?

Either way, it hurt like an undiscovered color

Can you even imagine it?

We know you are lying when you say you enjoy the pain

The agony en la café de la noche¹

Rather be lonely in company or inhabited yet alone?

Your clueless eyes of ashes cannot answer!

How silly of myself to love a girl a score or two of late.

Mija², you will one day learn the birds do not sing for you.

And the coffee will become your cocaine.

Sick and fragile you will die.

But en mi corazon³,

Tú vivirás para siempre.


¹ In the evening coffee.

² Term of endearment (Latin America).

³ In my heart.

4 You will live forever.